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7th October 2013


Matt Smith Will Star in American Psycho Musical -- Vulture →

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14th August 2011

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Yeah I took a photo of the tv guide at the grocery store. So what?

Yeah I took a photo of the tv guide at the grocery store. So what?

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26th July 2011

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26th July 2011




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16th May 2011

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Doctor Who secret video →

This is the video linked to in the secret code on the BBC website for Doctor Who. It’s so creepy! Is it called “Analysis Lessons” because they know we’re going to analyze the hell out of it? Will it make more sense when we see the mid-season cliffhanger in a couple of weeks?

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1st December 2010

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Thank God I read Craig Ferguson’s tweets.

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12th November 2010

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11th November 2010

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18th September 2010


Matt Smith in Guinness Book of World Records →

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16th September 2010

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