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2nd June 2012

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Dalek on Better Off Ted.

Dalek on Better Off Ted.

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8th April 2012


Another thing I saw in Seattle was a big poster of a Dalek at the EMP (Experience Music Project). It was an ad for their upcoming Icons of Science Fiction exhibition. Apparently they will have an actual Dalek!

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31st August 2011

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I saw a Dalek in better off ted.


I don’t watch dr. who, but this is still pretty cool.

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19th August 2011

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15 No-No's at a Wedding →

3. Showing up in your TARDIS during the toasts to steal the bride for an intergalactic Dalek-fighting adventure, while simultaneously dropping off a bulky gift at the reception itself instead of sending it to the designated address. No one appreciates that!

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12th November 2010

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23rd August 2010

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